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"Brooklyn, New York singer-songwriter Hovey Otis (aka Tim Davis) starts his new extended play disc “Fools Gold” with “Hardened Stone,” – an energetic acoustic guitar driven tune. Otis’ voice is recorded clear and has a pleasant musical personality that meshes well with the lyrics and music. He’s not of the Bruce Springsteen school, or Elton John - Billy Joel variety of song – but, he has style, perhaps more in the vein of Marc Cohn (Walking in Memphis, Silver Thunderbird), or John Mayer. He does not sing in a dour, melancholy style – he has life in his vocal approach."

-John Apice  No Depression 11/21/16

"Hovey is a talented songwriter and vocalist whose catchy tunes fit snugly within folk-pop archetypes. What sets him apart is a sly lyrical bent that puts a fresh spin on time-honored topics of love, life and traveling. For his part, Stroup's orchestration, from the pedal-steel-laced opener "Standing Alone" to the syncopated Southwest groove of "New Mexico" to the vast sonic expanse of "Your Story," makes Davis' debut more than just another record from a white dude with a guitar. It's a promising start."

Dan Bolles Seven Days 10/1/14